Part 6; Removing the Layers

Like discovering the walls you are about to paint are coated in layers of old paint and wallpaper so it was for me in clearing up and purging “blockers”.  Most would agree that to strip off all those old layers first would be best.  After doing so researching and getting  a feel on the color/design for the paint/wallpaper and now with confidence and a plan making my new selections.

“We are surrounded…”

by literal pollution and even more layers of spiritual pollution.  Both inhibit connecting to who we truly are, covering up and concealing our own truths and value.



I learned from my experience that being surrounded doesn’t mean sealing oneself in a bubble of sorts, that’s impossible in this world, but rather using that time to clean up, clear out and build up immunity, in part by developing knowledge and understanding of the pollutants and then deciding how to proceed.

Every bit of effort was and is so worth it!



photo:  ; photo by from Pexels


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