Part 5; Reflections



Continuing with my experience.   I realize I didn’t get into every detail of the good things that began to happen to us as individuals, but they were numerous.  Filling my heart with utter joy and satisfaction.  I inwardly felt, “Yes! Finally, this is where I knew we could be”.

mentally freed up….

Some of our family even reaped the benefits.  We were moved to encourage them with our experience and after clearing some things they couldn’t believe how mentally freed up they became.  More spiritual interest and the desire to do so began to open up.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long lasting and I realize its hard to hold onto seeing and feeling the positives when literally, ASAP, the enemy forces come to uproot it all; they are extremely diligent in their efforts .  At the same time our process was still new; we were learning as we go. But as I said, the challenges came and they came quick.

I was inexperienced and lacked knowledge……

on things relating to “spiritual” like this.  I hadn’t even been truly taught what that word “Spirit/Spiritual” even meant nor had I seen just how desperate, eager, vicious and manipulative they are and how they effect people.

I was just an innocent babe……

uneducated, uninformed ……just down right ignorant to it all.  My religion hadn’t taught me a thing about things like this, however, I got through it and I’m stronger, more informed and wiser having gone through these experiences.  So what taught me, if my religion hadn’t you may wonder?

The “TRUE AUTHENTIC” CREATOR teaches HIS children and in no cookie cutter way,  but HE most surely does, when they allow HIM to and don’t reject HIM….HIS existence is very real…like a hidden treasure…Its so worth finding, sometimes you don’t even have to search and HE’s  been tapping you on the shoulder all along….


If I had this to do all over again….

Ultimately, if I had this to do all over again “YES” I wouldn’t change a thing.  I am thankful for all that I’ve been awakened to, the challenges, the personal sacrifices and the continued climb; because its been doing nothing but helping me transform into who I truly Am….

Have you had an experience that you don’t mind sharing?  I’d love to read it, feel free to comment.


Photo credits:

Photo by Andre Mouton from Pexels; Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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