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~ First time opening up about my experience the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn and how it has impacted me as an individual ~

Hi, my name is Esa and while I realize this section of a blog is where the typical break down of some background details about a person takes place, I encourage you to get to know me through the recent journey and shifts my life has taken. I think you’ll find that much more interesting.

What I will share here with you though is the …..Why? Why have I decided to start a blog of all things? Well, first and foremost, I just know it’s time. You ever, without having heard a single thing, just have an inner confidence that it’s time to do or not do something? I know there are some of you that know exactly what I mean and that’s what happened for me. It’s time. I can go deeper on that but I’ll give you a chance to hear, better yet, read some of my story first.

I genuinely hope you find that what I share is a source of Encouragement, Strength, Awakening knowledge, insight and or understanding for you; that you walk away having received something Positive and Beneficial that reaches the heart in some way. This is my ultimate intent.

You’ll notice I’ve broken my story up into segments, parts 1 , 2 and so on.  I encourage you to start at 1 however do what works for you and enjoy. Welcome!

Sincerely, ESA

Let’s Begin…….

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