Perspective #2 : Fishers of Men?

This particular trout fisherman waved his rod along with the baited end (a fly at the end) to and fro over the water to imitate the movements of a real fly.  The bait is being used to deceive and capture fish.  The fish believes what it sees is nourishing, helpful food; it is very appealing in it’s appearance and movements; seems like the real thing.

Same goes with humans today.  There are those whose goal is to truly be “fishers of men” by way of deception and manipulation.  Nicely packaged ones at that.  These deceptions (fly bait) are even mixed with truth at times; all to do what?  Draw in the valuable precious innocent ones and take advantage of them.

This fisherman stated that all of his flies/bait were “home-made” and the trout of that river particularly liked to eat flies.  Well, today there are MANY “home-made;home-grown” deceivers in the world and in ALL walks of life they lurk and they will customize their bait for the type they desire to capture.  Religions a HUGE one, health and fitness, arts, education, government, entertainment, sports, the list goes on…

So beware my people, always keeping this in mind, yet without paranoia nor fear but strength and confidence with having awareness because this environment is “Flooded with Flies”


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