Perspective #1 : Wineries

 Something to think about:

The land for wineries is cultivated and used over and over to grow fruits (grapes in this instance) which we could consume and receive valuable nutrition from, but rather than >>>>>farm-farming-fruits-39511.jpgbenefit mankind this way these grapes are harvested, processed and completely transformed into a liquid/alcoholic beverage.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with consuming wine in moderation but consider this.  This same beverage which is to please us, causes addiction and its consequences for many, candida along with its huge laundry list of diseases and ailments and those consequences (note: sugar and carb addiction being one ).  Only to find that in the end…..

the liquid produced via the fermentation process is actually a mix of grape juice and the waste/urine from the yeast (a living organism) which it excretes after it consumes the sugars fed to it.



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