Is Seeing really Believing?….


Do you only believe in what you can see, dismissing the possibilities of there being major activities in the unseen?  Is what you sense also of value?

What if what we see deceives us and the unseen (not detectable with physical eyes) is valid?

Either way you choose, many believe in the unseen without even trying.  We pay hundreds to companies for giving us access to unseen things.  Literally being charged for what’s invisible  (electric, gas and internet services) without requesting some evidence of its existence.  However, we may question ourselves, our little ones, friends and or family when they try to open up about what one would consider an “unusual, abnormal experience”.  Requesting proof on a specific matter, or concluding they’ve gone or are heading down coo coo



 Does anyone question an invisible  refreshing breeze and if it exists?



Something else to consider is our physical eyes. They have several limitations.  Here are a couple of examples.  First, we actually have a blind spot.  Yes can you believe it? A blind spot.  A place where there are no light receptors to pick up signals that the brain can use to convert to an image.  To make up for this flaw the brain has to literally………. “fill in the blanks” for us.

” We were told we have dominion over the animals”

and yet we have no night vision as they do?  Man had to create night vision glasses etc. in imitation of this?

One final thought.  If you bend light around an object at a certain angle, did you know it can actually be cloaked?  Invisible to our physical eyes.

Can the phrase “Seeing is Believing” really be taken seriously?

Someone shared some experiences that they had in their past with me that were…..”unusual”…… as some would categorize them.  They admitted that they don’t share those types of experiences anymore because of the response, or the lack there of, that they received.  Even questioning themselves and their mental state.

How many children get ignored or brushed off when they try to open up about “unusual” experiences?  How many people are on medications, cause self harm and or are seeking professional help because they believe they are “losing it”?

Could it be that they are just the opposite; aware of and connected to an environment that is in fact real….just undetectable by the majority or ignored due to fear, doubt, social labels, etc.?

I know there are many of you out there that have had experiences that are not “typical” nor understood mainstream.  Just know you are not losing your mind or mentally ill.  Clean up, Clear out, tap into what you feel/sense and keep searching.  Clarity and Understanding can be found.



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