Part 1; In The Beginning


In the Beginning:I can recall a period in my life when I began to see people and the spiritual realm in a very different way. Rather than be easily drawn into drama or other peoples drama I began to be able to set myself in a neutral place with a neutral perspective. Saying things like, “Well you know how humans are” and “Put yourself in her/his shoes” for example. Also, before going to bed or upon waking I would reflect every once in awhile on the spirit beings (aka angels) and how much gratitude I had for all that they do for me and those I care about. I pondered over why I began thinking like this and then allowed myself to brush it off, dismiss it.

This was something new for me for sure but then life went on with it’s daily grind of distractions. Many of which put me on the brink of burn out at times. Keep in mind I was a full time working mom, wife, daughter, grand daughter, niece, sister, friend and aunt, I had plenty going on to keep me drawn back into the day to day exhausting hustle and bustle. Let me not forget to add I was also a very busy and committed religious person. I was doing all that I could to be my best in it as this was an expression of Love not just to others I interacted with but my Love of the Creator as well as my life, because in my mind keeping up with this meant my future salvation and protection.

These slight changes in me are just the beginning though, there’s more…….I have much more to share as we travel this road….


To be continued…….

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